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Potty Training


The Mums' Guide to Potty Training

The third E-book looks at Toilet Training with advice from over 3,000 mums and the professionals.  Every child has to learn to use the loo… somehow. We look at what helps, hinders, what to do and not to do… It helps with when to start training, dealing with problems that may entail, what to do when they just won’t wee on the toilet, and tricky toddlers who would rather stay constipated than do a poo!

Advice is in question and answer format.  We start with the mums, we listen to professionals and then you decide what works for you.  At the back of our back we thought you might like a list of useful accessories you may want to buy to help with your toilet training process.

Here is an excerpt from the book:
What potty training routines do Mums use? I'm sure my daughter is ready, but I have had so many conflicting views on how to go about it, so I thought I would ask if anyone had good ideas.
Lisa, with Amelie, age 2 years.

I waited until I had a week with no pressing engagements, including anything to do with my older children. A good idea is to download a free sticker chart from the internet. I also bought lots of pretty knickers, a potty and a tiolet trainer seat plus a step for the toilet. My child was clean and dry in approximately 3 days.
Hannah, with Sienna, age 3 years.

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