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The Mums' Guide to Tantrums

The second E-book looks at tantrums with advice from over 3,000 mums and the professionals.   Every child has temper tantrums but it’s how you deal with them that makes the difference … We look at what helps, what hinders, what to do and what not to do…
It’s about how you cope when your child goes into meltdown, how to deal with ‘public’ outbursts, understanding why your kids lose it (!) and those tricky toddlers who just keep doing it again and again and again... aaaaaaaaargh!!
The advice is presented in question and answer format. We start with the mums, we hear from the professionals and then you decide what works for you.

Here's an extract from the book.
Hi, my 16 month old tantrums over anything and everything. Are there any tips or techniques I can try using to diffuse the constant tantrums? Mandy, with Jamie, age nearly 1.5 yaers.
My best suggestions are to remain calm as this will help the baby do the same. Try not to be negative, so don't use words like "no" and "stop it" because this will add to their frustration, maybe use words such as "after breakfast"  or "later on". You can use humour to diffuse a situation by singing a silly song or tickling your child. This can change their mood quickly. Children do grow out of tantrums and all of them do it so you needn't feel alone. Just be understanding! Alice, nanny to Zach, age 4 years.

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