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The Mums' Guide to Weaning

The first E-book looks at weaning with advice from over 3,000 mums and the professionals. Every child has to be weaned… somehow. We look at what helps, hinders, what to do and not to do…when to start weaning, dealing with problems that may entail, what to do with sicky weaners(!) and tricky toddlers who don’t like your cooking...

Advice is in question and answer format.  We start with the mums, we listen to professionals and then you decide what works for you.  At the back of our book there is a list of useful accessories you may want to buy to help with your weaning process, and  a guide to help you with weaning times and food according to weaning stage.

Here's an excerpt from the book:
Food or Milk Priorities - when should I give milk? Does it come after food to encourage eating or should it be before food? My near 6 month old loves food, is on 3 meals a day and eats quickly. He has cut back on milk of his own accord but is straining now when passing poo. I switched back to milk first and then food and he's cut the amount of food he's eating. How do I make sure food is the main priority?
Kate, with baby Dylan, 6 months.
You're giving solids right now to encourage a good tolerance to flavours and textures, and milk is still very important. Gradually you will increase the food quantities over time and the milk will reduce naturally. Your son is very small so just follow his lead regarding quantity.
Laura, with baby Sam, 9 months.

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